Early Registration

until 15 March 2021, 18:00

Academicians:                 20 €

Postgraduate Student:   15 €

Listeners:                          10 €

Date of the Congress

31 May - 3 June


Late Registration

until 20 May 2021, 18:00

Academicians:                 25 €

Postgraduate Student:   20 €

Listener:                            10 €

Click here to download the Registration Form.

Bank Account Information

Bank account information for participants who want to deposit the registration fee in Euro:

Account Owner:        Kapadokya Üniversitesi

Bank Name:                Garanti Bankası / Ürgüp Şubesi

IBAN:                           TR95 0006 2001 0410 0009 0914 36

Terms and Conditions

The registration fees above are applicable for the presenters. Each participant is expected to fill in the registration form below.

In case the co-authors do not participate in the Congress, there is no need to pay for the registration.  They each will have to register if they do.

On condition that the co-authors are students and an academic, the registration should be made in the name of the academic.

The participation documents will be prepared as one single document with the title of the paper and the names of the co-authors. In other words, there will be one participation document for each presented paper. There will not be another paticipation document for co-authors.

The registration fee covers the congress materials and congress proceedings as PDF abstracts and fullpapers.

The participants can pay for the registration via bank transfers. 

The submission date of the papers will be taken into consideration while paying for the registration. The papers submitted before the deadline of early registrations will benefit from the early registration fees. 

Registration fees cannot be refunded. 

No communication will be made with the participants on the phone under no circumstances and no requests will be made for payments. All participants are expected to complete their registrations through our website. We would like all our participants to acknowledge that the organization committee will not be held liable for misconduct of our participants towards any national or international fraud prospects.  Please do not give credit to the individuals asking for favors in relation with the Congress before participating in the Congress.

In order to maintain the healthy application of planned academic and social programs the participants are kindly asked to fill in the forms below and send it to the Congress Mail Address (iccet@kapadokya.edu.tr).