Dear Scholars;

Epidemic diseases that appeared at various times throughout history have adversely affected the social structure. The political, economical and social impact of these procedures which primarily address the domain of health have often been either ignored or disregarded.

The most significant truth about the Covid-19 is the fact that the process does not only target the healthcare but almost every aspect of the social structure. Consequently it is of utmost importance that similar epidemic processes of today and the past be examined closely by different disciplines of science.

Accordingly the subject of the Congress to be held on held on 31 May-3 June, 2021 by Cappadocia Vocational College of Cappadocia University via video conferencing has been specified as “Epidemic Times” for this year. The studies directed to the inspection of epidemic periods, perception and guidance of social and individual behaviour during these times, and reducing their negative consequences are extremely crucial. We are therefore very much pleased to invite you, distinguished scholars, to our congress and are looking forward to your prospective invaluable contributions.  


With kind regards,

Organization Committee